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Best Honey Extractor Reviews

If you are raising bees for honey, you should eventually look into purchasing  best honey extractor. A honey extractor is a simple device used to mechanically extract honey from honeycombs using centrifugal force.

Frame baskets within a drum hold the combs, and honey is flung out when the extractor spins. The final step in beekeeping, extracting honey will allow you to reap the rewards of your efforts.

Many benefits are offered by the use of a honey extractor, the main one being that using a honey extractor will keep the combs intact, allowing the bees to reuse them to produce more honey.

There are two main types of honey extractors: radial and tangential. Additionally, both radial and tangential honey extractors can be either manually or electrically powered.

There are many different brands of honey extractors on the market, so you will not have a problem with a lack of options.

However, it can be tricky to choose a honey extractor that meets your needs, we have prepared this honey extractor reviews to help you choose the one you need.


Choosing A Honey Extractor

A honey extractor will have either a radial or a tangential mode of operation. This has to do with how the frames are arranged within the drum and spun.

Once the frames of the honeycomb are uncapped with a hot knife or a hot air gun, they are placed within a drum inside the extractor and then spun.

The honey then flows to the bottom of the drum and through the valve at the edge of the extractor, providing you with honey.

Here are descriptions of the different styles of honey extractors, along with their advantages and disadvantages.


Honey Extractor Type – Radial VS Tangential

1.Tangential Extractor

A tangential honey extractor only extracts honey from one side of the frame at a time. Because of this, each frame has to be removed, flipped, and then spun again in order to remove honey from both sides of the frame. This can make it difficult to extract honey if you have a lot of frames, as it will take more time and effort to do so. On the plus side, tangential honey extractors are less expensive than other types.


  • A tangential honey extractor is cheaper than a radial extractor.
  • Because the frames are spun twice, there will be a better chance of removing all the honey.
  • Since tangential honey extractors are cheaper, they are ideal for small beekeeping operations.


  • Since the frames have to be removed and flipped every round of extraction, it is very labor intensive.
  • It is not the best option for beekeepers who have a large number of frames in need of extracting.


2.Radial Extractor

A radial extractor is a very popular type of honey extractor. It extracts honey from both sides of the frames at once.

Compared to a tangential honey extractor, it is much more efficient, as the frames do not have to be flipped the way they do with the tangential extractor. Radial extractors are ideal for commercial beekeepers and those who have a lot of frames to spin.


  • Radial extractors are highly efficient.
  • More frames can be spun in a shorter amount of time with this type of extractor.
  • A radial extractor is a good option for commercial beekeepers or anyone who has multiple hives.
  • Unlike a tangential extractor, it will not take twice as much work to extract honey from the frames.


  • Radial extractors are more expensive than tangential extractors.

Both tangential and radial honey extractors can be either manual or electric. This refers to how they are powered. Both types use centrifugal force to spin the drums and extract honey.

It is only a question of whether they use manual power or electrical power to operate. Here are descriptions of both types, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.


Power Source – Manual VS Electric

1.Electric Extractor

An electric honey extractor uses an electric motor which is linked to an electrical current, generating the power to spin the frames at a set speed.

With this type of extractor, it is very important to regulate the speed. Spinning the frames too fast can damage them, and spinning them too slowly can result in the honey not being extracted.

Electric honey extractors are the best choice for large scale beekeeping operations, but of course, they can also be used by small scale beekeepers.

A good choice for a large scale operation, or an operation that is starting out small but plans to scale up, is a radial extractor that is electrically powered.


  • An electric honey extractor removes large amounts of honey in a short amount of time.
  • Electric extractors are easy to operate, as they begin spinning automatically as soon as the motor is turned on.
  • Compared to manual extractors, electrically powered honey extractors work at much faster speeds.
  • For large bee farms, this is the best type of honey extractor.


  • Electrically powered honey extractors are much more expensive than the manually powered honey extractors.
  • Care must be taken to regulate the spinning speed of these extractors.


2.Manual Extractor

A manual honey extractor uses the same parts as an electric one, except for the fact that it lacks a motor. It is operated by using your hands or through physical effort.

Manual extractors can usually hold two to four frames at a time and they can be operated without the use of electricity.


  • Manual honey extractors can work well in areas that do not have electricity.
  • The speed is controlled by hand, so there is no risk of damaging the honeycombs.
  • Manual extractors are cheaper than electric ones.
  • Manual honey extractors are environmentally friendly and will not affect your electric bill.


  • Manual extractors are less efficient than the electrically powered extractors.
  • This type of extractor is not a good option for commercial beekeepers.

Before you choose a honey extractor, you will need to evaluate your needs. Both manual and electric extractors do a good job extracting honey. Here are three honey extractor models that you will not be able to go wrong with.


Here Is Our List Of Top 3 Best Honey Extractor

1.Mann Lake HH160 Stainless Steel 6/3 Frame Hand Crank Honey Extractor

honey extractor

The Mann Lake HH160 comes with several amazing features. This honey extractor is made from 26 gauge stainless steel and is built to last a long time.

It is a tangential extractor, so you will need to flip the frames. It measures 26 inches in height and 18 inches in width. It can hold six shallow frames and three medium or deep frames.

It weighs 26.1 pounds and comes with a 1.5-inch honey gate. It does not have legs. It is simple to use and easy to clean as well, and because it is made of stainless steel, it is rust- and abrasion-resistant.

The Mann Lake HH160 was reported to be fast in extracting honey and easy to clean.


2.Hardin Professional 3 Frame Manual Honey Extractor

honey extractor

This honey extractor offers excellent value for the money. It is a manual extractor that comes with a 16 gauge stainless steel tank.

It also has a clear plexiglass top, allowing you to monitor the honey extraction process. Additionally, it features a stand or leg for optional use, and its steel gear construction has sealed bearings.

It is a top quality honey extractor that is sure to satisfy you and it is well worth the price. Since it is covered by a lifetime warranty, you can return it if you are not completely satisfied.


3.Hardin Royal 2 Frame Electric Honey Extractor

This is a honey extractor to seriously consider if you have multiple bee hives. A professional 2 frame extractor, it has a tank made of smooth 16-gauge stainless steel.

It also has steel gears and a sealed bearing, as well as a clear Plexiglass lid that will allow you to observe the honey extraction process.

A royal leg stand is also featured, allowing you to offload the honey with no hassle. It has a 110v variable speed which allows for fast and clean honey extraction.

Its amazing combination of features give it a stunning performance index and make it a model choice. This honey extractor can extract honey from two shallow, medium, or deep frames.

Parts are easily available for replacement should the need arise. Unfortunately, there is a small flaw in this extractor’s drum design.

It has crossbars that press into the comb and prevent honey from coming out. This element of the design needs to be re-evaluated.

However, overall this honey extractor is an excellent value for the price and will serve you well should you choose to buy it. It offers excellent value for the money.



Before buying a honey extractor, make sure that you compare different brands and evaluate the features of each one.

The honey extractor models listed above are excellent options, being built to last and having efficient performance.

Whether the extractor you choose is tangential or radial, and whether it is manually or electrically powered, it should be the one that best meets your needs and fits within your budget.