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Welcome to oceanbeehoney.com your dedicated site about honey. Who are we? We are a group of enthusiastic individuals about honey, who are specialized in providing information and reviews about this amazing food.

It is not a secret that this kind of content is not easy to find or, to be more precise, that it is hard to discover high quality article, written by true honey lovers. Especially the online world is full of website that claim to offer valuable content, but are not able to provide them. We wanted to change this paradigm.

We wanted to offer you the best information about honey that we can find, to provide you with a real, 360 degrees education about THE food.

We not only offer our content for free, because we know that learning does not mean to spend a fortune and that most people are looking for information that are valuable, of high quality and cannot be found anywhere else.

Therefore, we have implemented a wide selection of answers to the most common questions about honey we were able to find online. We are talking about honey knowledge of all kinds, from production’s techniques and methods to recipes and tasting tips.  Furthermore, now you have the possibility to learn about our opinions about manuka honey products directly on our site and than decide whether to give them a try or to pass on.

This is who we are. Now it is your time to take your honey game to the next level. Browse around and take your time: you will find the information and content you were looking for.