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Best Manuka Honey Brand Reviews

There are best manuka honey brand in the market right now, this honey is by far one of the most notable of health supplements today, and using it has various advantages.

This honey produced in New Zealand and through unique procedures.

Manuka honey is a health supplement that is in high demand. As a result, there are various service providers who don’t provide the best value for money.

Consider various factors such as MGO tests, USDA approval,NPA, UMF indicators, user review and various other factors.

Manuka honey that has high ratings of UMF is referred to as Active Manuka.

Various standards are in place to determine the quality, and the UMF is the most effective.

It is a worldwide standard that is recognized by various companies all over the world. It is estimated that as much as 80% of most honey products labeled as Manuka are not legitimate.

Here Is Our List Of Top 10 Best Manuka Honey Brands

No.Product NameGrading
1.Steens Manuka Honey UMF 24 UMF
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2.Wedderspoon Raw Premium Manuka Honey KFactor 16
K Factor
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3.Comvita Certified UMF 15+
UMFCheck Price
4.Wild Cape UMF 15+
UMFCheck Price
5.Wild Organic Tualang Rainforest Honey
UMFCheck Price
6.Airborne (New Zealand) Manuka Honey
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7.Happy Valley UMF 15+ 
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8.Manukora Manuka Honey UMF 20+
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9.Wedderspoon Raw Manuka Honey KFactor 12
K Factor
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10.Kiva Certified UMF 20+
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1. Steens Manuka Honey UMF 24+

Steens manuka honey is one of the best-known names and its generally one of the higher prices brands.

Steens justifies this by the overall quality and a commitment to the buyer, the assurance buyers are dealing with a respected company that has produced consistently reliable products.

Steens manuka honey has been reviewed many times and controversy continues to remain. There are those who believe claims for its benefits are grossly exaggerated while others staunchly defend manuka honey, not only for curative value but for spread that is rich and satisfying

Steens manuka honey grade UMF24+ has the greatest healing properties as well as being beneficial in other ways. It is claimed to help with digestion.

Some claim it’s very helpful for treating acne, eczema and any sort of skin irritation rashes or insect bites.

Steens manuka honey too is claimed to help the consumer resist harmful bacteria. Others say it helps with upset stomach, improves digestion and is even a great aid in clearing up infections.

Being slightly acidic, it helps with the healing of open sores, cuts and skin irritations. There is adequate scientific evidence to support the claims made by the company, and a certified product helps to give the consumer confidence in the product but in the company that stands behind it.


Steens Manuka Honey UMF 24


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Key Features :

  • UMF 24+ and top-quality honey
  • 100% raw organic honey
  • Unique extraction and filtering process


2.Wedderspoon Raw Premium Manuka Honey KFactor 16

Discover the excellence of the Wedderspoon Raw premium manuka honey.This powerful superfood has been designed to suit various purposes.

This includes a home remedy, kitchen use and for energy workouts as well. The honey is entirely raw and unpasteurized to provide the naturally occurring health benefit that your needs.

More so, this honey also has a unique KFactor 16 level. This demonstrates that 75% of the pollen in the honey will provide sufficient benefits for your needs.

Users will also appreciate the unique preparation process of this honey which makes it both tasty and healthy.

Further lending to the superior quality of this honey is that it sourced using special techniques.

The beehives are placed deep in the Manuka forests of New Zealand, and the honey is entirely unadulterated.

It is transferred straight from the hive, exposed to a few procedures to and stored in the jar. As a result, you can be sure of high-quality and natural health supplement for your needs.

This also does well to maintain the natural and original taste of the honey.

The product jar is also well labeled to so that you can learn more about the contents of the product.

Produced in the most pristine and lush environments in New Zealand, each batch is tested in an independent and certified UMF lab for quality.



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Key Features ;

  • Smooth, rich and creamy taste
  • Sourced, packed and labeled in New Zealand
  • Genuine K16 factor and government approved
  • Prepared using unique procedures


3.Comvita Certified UMF 15+ 

Experience the superior quality of the Comvita Certified UMF 15+ Manuka honey. This honey jar is sourced from the nectar of Manuka flowers found in the pristine forests of New Zealand.

With such an exceptional UMF level, you can be sure of a reliable supply of Manuka honey for your needs.

Additionally, each batch is tested by the UMF organization for quality. In particular, the UMF grading system is an excellent system for appraising the natural markers that are found in manuka, honey.

These markers are used to indicate the purity and the quality of the honey.

This includes a test of the compounds, MGO, DHA and Leptosperin, which are all critical for optimal health. Users will also appreciate the rich and natural taste of the honey.

To be specific, the Comvita manufacturers have done well to maintain the original taste of the honey. It does not contain any artificial products and it one teaspoon is potent enough for your needs.

The beehives are also left intact during the production process to maintain the original quality of the honey.

This particular honey is also known to promote optimal digestive and immune health. The rich and unique taste of this honey means that you can even supply it to your little ones.

It is also used to help soothe the effects of sore throats and coughs. This honey is delicious, and it can be used before a workout as a natural energy source.

This honey provides medical-grade honey that is administered for various purposes.


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Key Features :

  • UMF tested for high quality
  • Provides medicinal benefits including digestive issues
  • Well labeled jar for user convenience
  • Unique preparation processes


4.Wild Cape UMF 15+ 

Take your overall health regimen to the next level by using the Wild Cape UMF 15+ honey.

This honey is sourced from the east cape, North Island, which is known for its high-quality honey.

Unlike most manuka honey that is often bitter or acrid in flavor, this particular version is famous for its tasty flavor.

Also, the wild cape is also sourced and harvested using unique procedures. In particular, the wax comb is left intact, so that the bees can use it repeatedly.

This product is available in jars that are BPA free. In fact, the jars are made using PET and in relation to strict FDA New Zealand regulations.

The Wild Cape honey is 100% pure, and it contains no artificial ingredients. In fact, the honey is sourced from leading Bill Savage hives that are placed deep in the forests of Manuka.

The east region is well known for producing honey that has the UMF factor. This honey is beneficial for medical purposes, and it can also be used as a culinary condiment as well.

This is due to the rich and potent nature of the honey.



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Key Features :

  • Sourced from rich Manuka Honey areas (East Cape)
  • Wild cape is a member of UMFHA
  • The honey is harvested using unique process
  • The jar is BPA free and made using PET with FDA approval


5.Wild Organic Tualang Rainforest Honey 

Are you searching for an excellent source of Manuka Honey? Introducing the Wild Organic Tulang Rainforest honey.

This particular jar contains more nutrients and minerals than the conventional manuka honey products.

In fact, it has been designed to contain as many as 11 powerhouse flavonoids and phenolics.

Additionally, it also comprises of various other beneficial enzymes that work to promote anti-aging and to improve organ longevity.

This supplement is so potent that only one teaspoon is similar to 1 tablespoon of conventional honey.

The wild organic wild manuka honey is exposed to minimal filtration procedures to remove debris.

Unlike most types of manuka honey, Wild organic uses a proprietary process to manufacture their honey.

It has a rich taste and with a good UMF rating to match. In fact, it is exposed to zero heating, adulteration and creaming procedures.

Taulang honey has also been shown to have one of the lowest glycemic levels in honey, despite its sweet, savoury taste.

In fact, consuming this honey will not lead to increased blood sugar levels. The anticancer benefits and medicinal components found in exotic rainforests are also incorporated into taulang honey.

Various studies have shown that tualang honey has potent medicinal benefits.


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Key Features :

  • Lor glycemic index
  • Contains diverse therapeutic properties
  • Zero heating, creaming or adulteration
  • 100% pure and organic honey


6.Airborne (New Zealand) Manuka Honey 

Improve your health regimen by using the Airborne Manuka Honey that is pure, natural and it only contains raw honey.

The honey is exposed to minimal heat and damage. The honey is also a potent medicinal plant that is used to treat various types of health complications.

This including colds, fevers and more. It is also strong flavored honey that has a fresh and clean bite.

Besides that, the airborne manuka honey will continually rate at NPA level of 8-12. In particular, this makes it an excellent addition to fighting various types of health complications.

Airborne uses some of the best bee harvesting and farming techniques that are available today.

The delicate creaming procedure does well to ensure that the honey is smooth and delicious. The jar is also well labeled to help you in making informed choices for your needs. Besides this honey is simple to use each time.

All you need to do is to add a teaspoon to your favorite beverages or perhaps consume two teaspoons every day.

Similar to all the high-quality Manuka Honey that are available today, the Airborne honey has a high UMF rating. This indicates superior quality and the honey is also beneficial for medicinal purposes as well.



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Key Features :

  • Delicate creaming procedure to make the honey smooth and luscious
  • Exceptional UMF grading system and NPA level
  • Unique and proprietary preparation process
  • It contains 100% natural components


7.Happy Valley UMF 15+ 

Equip yourself with the Happy Valley UMF 15+ Manuka honey. This honey is sourced from the pristine native forests and with a certified UMF rating.

With such a high level of UMF rating, you can be sure of optimal health benefits with each supply of Manuka Honey.

It also has a delicate creaming process which makes the honey very smooth, delicious and luscious as well.

Each batch of honey is specifically tested by an independent lab to legitimize the UMF rating.

The company also publishes the test results, meaning that you can be sure of high-quality standards each time.

The honey is 100% pure, and it also contains various other medicinal compounds that are not found in conventional honey.

Moreover, the honey also has a characteristic golden brown color, which indicates high-quality benefits.

The notes of caramel and malt contribute to its sweet, savoury taste. The thick and rich texture with a pleasant taste means that this honey is suitable even for your young ones.

This honey also has high levels of potent compounds such as methylglyoxal for optimal health benefits.

Furthermore, the Happy valley honey also has a jar that is well labeled to ensure that you are aware of the content and its quality.


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Key Features :

  • Charasteric gold brown color
  • Additional malt and caramel for added taste
  • Thick and rich texture with pleasant aftertaste
  • Medicinal properties and paleo friendly


8.Manukora Manuka Honey UMF 20+

Life is all about having good lifestyle habits. The Manukora Manuka honey is an excellent recommendation since it contains all natural and UMF certified compounds.

The honey is batch tested at independent labs for UMF certification, and it’s also whipped and packed straight from the hive.

In particular, the test is used to check the presence of various important compounds. This includes leptosprein, methylglyoxal and DHA among many others.

Besides that, the honey undergoes delicate creaming procedures, to make the honey smooth, delicious and luscious.

Natural, pure and unique, every jar of honey from Manukora averages at 20+ UMF.

This honey is sourced directly from the forests of New Zealand. Aside from that, the beehives are also left intact to ensure that bees can produce the same quality with each batch.

Manukora honey manufacturers also use special harvesting and farming process that is sustainable.

The honey is then directly transferred from the hive to the jar, with some basic creaming process.

In fact, the creaming process works to make the honey delicious and luscious as well, while maintaining the rich taste.

The honey is also potent and natural. It is produced using proprietary procedures to preserve the natural quality and taste.

Maukora co-operates with various companies in the consumer market to provide high-quality products to their clients.

More so, each batch is also exposed to various quality processes for the best results. Each teaspoon of the Manukora honey is a tasty and beneficial for your overall health



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Key Features :

  • Whipped and packed straight from the hive
  • Batch tested at independent labs for UMF certification
  • Contains medicinal properties equivalent to methylglyoxal 825+
  • Delicate creaming process makes this honey smooth, luscious and delicious


9.Wedderspoon Raw Manuka Honey KFactor 12

Wedderspoon is one of the leading companies when it comes to sourcing healthy, natural and raw manuka honey.

While this version is classified as a KFactor 12, it provides various health benefits.

In fact, it is original, non-GMO verified honey that will enhance your overall body health.

It also has a UMF mark that can only be used by licensed operators to indicate quality standards.

The k factor rating simply indicates the potency and health benefits of the honey. Additionally, the honey also has high-quality packaging and sourcing procedures.

This means that you can be sure of a high-quality supply of manuka honey each time.

Similar to all forms of high-quality honey, the Wedderspoon KFactor 12 is harvested and farmed using optimized techniques.

The honey is also exposed to basic purification procedures that work to maintain the original taste and potency as well.

As a result, you can be sure of a reliable supply of honey that is also suitable for your young ones.

Best of all, this honey has not been industrially combined with other honey or artificial products that may compromise the natural quality.

The honey is entirely unpasteurized and it can you can easily trace your batch back to original beekeepers. It is entirely unpasteurized, which means that its perfect for your health purposes.


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Key Features :

  • The jar is well labeled and BPA free
  • 100% Pure honey with no artificial additives
  • Zero heating and unique harvesting procedures
  • Unpasteurized honey for optimal potency


10.Kiva Certified UMF 20+ 

What a good health supplement for your needs? Well, consider the Kiva Certified UMF 20+ Manuka honey that provides various health benefits.

This honey provides benefits that average at methylglyoxal 825+ which is potent for health purposes.

More so, the Kiva honey is also harvested from the pristine and remote hills of New Zealand.

It has been independently tested to average at UMF 20+. This is equivalent to MGO 825+ which is an excellent indicator of quality products.

The exceptional UMF rating level indicates high-quality standards, and it also makes it perfect for health needs.

This means that this honey does not contain any artificial additives, which makes it ideal for long-term purposes.

Furthermore, the honey is also developed using unique procedures to ensure that you receive a potent supply with each teaspoon.

The harvesting procedure is unique to ensure that the honey retains its original taste and potency level as well.



Check Price & Customer Reviews

Key Features

  • UMF 20+ and high-quality honey
  • No artificial additives
  • Each batch is independently tested


How To Choose The Ideal Manuka Honey For Your Needs

If you want to enjoy the benefits of this Honey, you will have to make informed decisions. We have prepared a comprehensive Manuka Buyers guide to help you achieve this goal.

  • Determine Your Needs

There are various reasons as to why people need manuka, honey. It is a sweet, savoury substance that can be used for various purposes, and it’s straightforward to use as well.

This best natural health supplement provides various benefits. Whether you want it as a snack, culinary condiment or for medicinal purposes, determining your goals is essential.

This is because it will help you map out high quality and potent products in relation to your needs.

More so, once you determine your needs, you will find it easy to choose the most appropriate Manuka Honey product.

  • Consider The UMF Level

This simply refers to a special test that is used to determine the quality of a particular manuka honey supplement.

In most cases, any legitimate honey product has the UMF rating indicated on the jar, which shows the quality.

There are various categories of the UMF rating, and it’s important that you understand each of them.

This is because it will help you choose the appropriate Manuka honey supplement that will suit your health regimen. They include

  1. UMF 0 – 4     : This does not have therapeutic benefits
  2. UMF 5 – 9      : Ideal for maintaining your health
  3. UMF 10 – 14  : Good for natural healing purposes
  4. UMF  14 – 10  : Very potent for all purposes
  • Consider The K-factor Rating

This rating level is also essential when it comes to purchasing manuka, honey. It is used to determine the amount of Manuka flowers pollen that is found in particular honey supplement.

You need to consider the K-factor rating since this play a major role in its quality. Consider the following classifications: This particular rating might sometimes be unavailable on some products, though this should not directly indicate low quality.

You can easily consider the various other remaining aspects of the honey to determine whether it will suit your health supplement needs.

  1. K factor 22 : this means that it contains only 90% of the pollen that is used by bees to prepare the honey
  2. K factor 16 : means that it comprises 75% of the pollen
  3. K factor 12 : means that It contains 65% of the pollen
  • Evaluate The UMF

This is one of the most notable ratings that individuals search for when they want to determine the quality of the honey.

In particular, the UMF factor is used to determine the medicinal properties of the specific honey. The recommended UMF level for medicinal purposes averages at 5.

This specific test is also used to check for quality, and you should only settle for products that have the UMF mark.

Not all manuka honey products contain the UMF indicate and those that do, contain it at differing amounts. This particular quality was developed by the UMF association.

The association conducts regular testing procedures, and it provides licenses to demonstrate that products meet their standards.

More so, the organization has a global connection with quality standards laboratories to ensure customers that products are safe.

  • Search for USDA Approval

USDA is by far one of the most notable seals of approval available globally. It’s simply a special organization that inspects food items for quality.

Since manuka is often costly to produce, most brands are sometimes tempted to introduce other materials or syrups.

This compromises the natural quality of this best natural health supplements. Therefore, checking for USDA approval will have is inherent benefits at such a time.

The approval simply means that the honey contains only natural compounds.

  • Check The MGO Label

Another equally important factor to consider is the MGO label. This refers to a special test that is used to test for the presence of methylglyoxal in the honey.

It’s important to note the MGO and UMF level are co-related. This means that a product that has a high MGO level will also provide a good UMF level for your needs.

This particular compound is beneficial, and it has various medicinal benefits. The MGO factor was developed based on a unique UMF system and its recognized by experts all over the world.

  • Evaluate The Preparation and Harvesting Process

This by far one of the most crucial aspects of the honey preparation process. Most of the legitimate and experienced manuka honey producing companies use various techniques for harvesting the honey.

The harvesting and preparation procedure are important since they play a role in the quality of the honey.

For instance, some brands use unique purification procedures, and other leave the beehives intact for the next season. Ensure that you consider this aspect since it will help you choose a high-quality manuka honey brand

  • Buy from Top Brands

Similar to purchasing any type of health supplement, buying from a top brand has its inherent benefits.

There are various top brands available, and we have identified some of them above.

It’s important to note that manuka honey involves various procedures, which makes it costly to produce.

As a result, most produces are often adulterating their products in order to meet their performance demands.

This, however, compromises the quality of the honey and it could even pose a health risk. Therefore, ensure that you conduct adequate research on your chosen brand.

  • Check The User-Generated Content

This by far one of the best ways to determine the quality of a particular health supplement. In particular, user-generated content refers to aspects such as product reviews and ratings.

Ensure that you consider this information since it’s a proven technique for purchasing quality products. You can easily determine whether the honey provides the quality compounds for your health needs.



There is no space for poor decision-making or insufficient improvisation especially when it comes to taking good care of your health.

Investing in the best manuka honey is a simple and straightforward procedure, and various factors have to be considered.

We have identified all the critical factors for you to consider and some of the best product for you to start with today.